Buying Process

Buying a home is a really important decision and needs careful consideration.  There are many different motives and needs for buying a home but whatever the reason; I am fully committed to finding you the best possible home.

I would love to be your agent and would love to work hard to find the home you desire, lets get started today!  Fill out the contact form and tell me what type of home you are looking to buy. Download my Buyer Process Guide.

  1. Find an Agent and secure with Buyers Representation Agreement
  2. Get pre-qualified or pre-authorized for financing
  3. Set your price point/budget within your comfort zone
  4. Decide on areas you would like to live
  5. Write a list of have to have’s and want to haves for your home
  6. Have your agent set up a search with your criteria
  7. Ask your agent to take you to see the top houses you liked
  8. Make an offer on the home you have chosen
  9. Negotiate the Deal (Accept, Counter Offer or Reject and move on)
  10. Make sure you apply for loan within 7 days and get all info to loan company
  11. Do inspection and negotiate the repairs
  12. Move in and enjoy your new home but don’t forget to change over electrical and utilities to your name, you need to have lights when you are moving in!